Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best Places to Visit in Philippines

Are you planning to visit in Philippines? Here are some the best Places to Visit in Philippines I chose to go. This is my top choices as far as I concern base on attractions, things to do,and family friendly.I also consider the hotels and accommodation in my best places to visit in Philippines.How about food and culture? Ohh yeah! you can see some of the landmark in Philippines. You would not have a problem to go in Philippines since most of the people knows how to speak basic English and understand.Communication is not a hindrance to see the best places to visit in Philippines.
Best Places to Visit in Philippines
1. Boracay-known for its fine white sand and breathtaking beauty, with crystal clear emerald waters. If you’re in Boracay you would thought you’re  not in Philippines. All year round there’s a lot of foreigner who visits in Boracay.There are a lot things to do in Boracay for family, with friends and also for lovers. In Boracay you will enjoy the water sports, inland activities like zorb,and if you get bored you can go to Mt luho where you can see the spectacular view of Boracay and you have a chance to feed the animals.Island Hoping is one of the best here and had the chance to see the island.Food are great here especially the sea foods.
2. Makati-is the financial center in the Philippines and one of the most important economic hubs, commercial and financial. Why I choose Makati as the best places to visits in Philippines because of the hotel and accommodation. As a foreigner who visits in Philippines you won’t regret to stay in this area. International cuisine is around the area and accessible for taxi. There are some activities you will enjoy here like the aquarium, shopping mall, museums.
3. Palawan-is considered the Philippines last frontier environment.This place is accessible by air.Discover its 138 acres of cliffs and deep slopes and breathtaking panoramic sea view.You have a chance to explore the Tabon caves, water sports, island hopping, and more to do things in Palawan with friends and family.Palawan has a luxury and budget accommodation.
cebu Best Places to Visit in Philippines
4. Davao -It has some good hotels,  shopping  for tribal crafts – and fresh fish is sold in many restaurants is almost worth the trip. Davao is the gateway to Mount Apo, for hikers and climbers. Davao is  the door of the many islands off the coast, the largest and most popular of which is Samal island.
5. Cebu-is been awarded the 8th asian island in 2005, seventh in 2004 and in 2009.Cebu has a lot things to see and to do. It has known also the Sinulog festival- where it is celebrated every third Sunday of January.If you want to see architecture and landmark, Cebu is the getaway to do things.
6. Iloilo-is widely known for its beautiful old architecture like world of Latin America. Spanish colonial churches are among the known.

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