Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best Places for honeymoon

The best places for honeymoon is always depend in you. In real life we consider the cost or budget we spend in honeymoon. Wherever you go, no matter what place you choose, will say that’s the best places for honeymoon.
I’ll be honest the  best places for honeymoon is always in our taste what we want to do its either if  we’re in home, beach, island or if you want to explore the world.
Here are some guide you might consider to look for the best places for honeymoon for budget cost or breaking your bank account.
1. Hawaii- is a tropical island and one of the popular destination in US to enjoy your honeymoon all year round.You can find a resort or hotel for your own budget. Other than enjoying the beach you have a lot things to do like water sports, enjoy the sunset cruise, enjoy the scenery, hiking and more.
2. Phuket-is one of the best beach destination in Thailand, and famous for its cliffs, caves, mangroves and James Bond island.People knows English and Thai language.If you’re from western country you will definitely  enjoy the seafoods and thai food.Resorts and hotel are around depend in your budget.
3.Aruba- has some best places for wedding and honeymoon places,where the island is flat with a few hills.They have also some activities that you will enjoy if you’re an adventure person like horse back riding,scuba,Jeep Safari.
4.Cayman island- is another best places for honeymoon and beach wedding. This part of  island has the best diving like Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and little Cayman.
5.Italy-is been consider as the best places for honeymoon of everyone. The cuisine are great, and has a lot things to see from museums, ruins and also sailings is another ways to see the islands such as Sardinia and Sicily.
6.Greece-is popular for honeymoon get-aways and island hopping.
7.Maldives-is popular in asia for the best places of honeymoon for its tropical  and temperatures around 30°C throughout the year.You can rent a private yachts for your honeymoon and enjoy the sunset.
9.Australia- this is popular for couples whether you like adventure or island. Australia is popular for there Sydney opera house so don’t miss to visit it.

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