Thursday, September 19, 2013

Downtown Frankenmuth,Michigan Travel Tips

I've been in Downtown Frankenmuth,Michigan many times and I still love to go back there if I have chance. The place has so many things to do for all year. 

About Frankenmuth,Michigan:
  • Originally settled in 1845 by 15 Lutheran Germans.
  • The town today capitalizes on this German background.

Going to Downtown Frankenmuth is so easy, just plug-in your GPS and you find it easily. Once you are in downtown Frankenmuth,Michigan you can ride a horse carriage with fee or you can see the downtown by foot.

The currency is US dollar and major credit cards are wide acceptable so you have no worry at all if you run out of cash. 
  • Frankenmuth Cheese Haus-Who doesn't like cheese? Well, my husband and daughter like to snacks cheese and they have better quality of cheese so we bought different types of cheeses. It is located at  561 South Main Street.
  • Bronner's Christmas Wonderland- known also as ""the World's Largest Christmas Store" located at 25 Christmas Ln, Frankenmuth,Michigan.You can go and enjoy christmas shopping decorations all-year round.
  • Frankenmuth River Place-located at  925 S Main St, Frankenmuth,Michigan. You can enjoy walking and window shopping in this place.

Frankenmuth Festivals:
If you're visiting the place don't forget to visit or see their festivals during:
  • Frankenmuth Bavarian Festival- Usually on the mid- June. You can enjoy German food,musics, parades and more things they prepared for everyone.
  • Oktoberfest-Enjoy and feel the German festival with foods, beer and musics. It is celebrated mid-September.
  • Frankenmuth Snow Festival-it is a snow sculpting events and located at Located at Zehnder's Restaurant.

Things to do in Downtown Frankenmuth,Michigan:
  • Michigan Military Space and Museum-located at 1250 Weiss StreetFrankenmuth, and to get in with a minimal fee of $7.00 for adults and $3.00 (for ages 6-17).
  • Adventure Park at Frankenmuth-Located at 1375 Weiss StreetFrankenmuth,Michigan. If you're adventurous and love zip lines and climbing the tree this is for you with fee to get in the Park.
Other stuff I like going in downtown Frankenmuth is the chocolate fudge and candies.Oh, men it's so good and you can see when they're making it in the store.


  1. I love your shared snaps, sis! That's nice that you were able to get away for a short time over the holidays. I have been to Michigan but not yet to this place.

  2. The Christmas Wonderland sounds enticing to me. It sure must be fun having access to it year round.

  3. As what you described the place, I think it's beautiful and fun to explore every inch of the areas.

  4. Lovely place to visit I bet, the way you describe your experiences makes me want to see the place too. someday.

  5. i really love your style of writing Mhie, very helpful to the travelers. love your photos too.

  6. I haven't been to Michigan, then again I haven't been to many states lol. HOpe I can visit someday.

  7. I like to visit Bronner's Christmas Wonderland! Sounds really fun, I love shopping for Christmas decorations. There something about it that gives me good vibes throughout the day.

  8. This is an ideal destination for family fun so I'm keeping this in mind just in case.

  9. All things German in Michigan? That's so cool! At least, you don't need to travel far just to experience Germany.. :D

  10. The chocolate fudge and candies sounds yummy!!! My sweet tooth is driving me crazy! The thought of zip lining is exciting! Another place to add to my bucket list! :)

  11. It's interesting to know that they have the biggest Christmas store in the world!

  12. Christmas is still in the air in your post. I love it.

  13. I think the best time to visit this place is when they are having festivals. That way, tourists and visitors can enjoy and celebrate with the locals!

  14. Frankenmuth River Place is such wonderful place. My sister lives not far from there and I want to visit it with her.