Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 Places to visit during Halloween Month

Halloween is the biggest events to look forward on the month of October. There are a lot things to do nearby the county even the zoo,Botanical garden and even in the theme parks. They really decorated and spent money to look it more colorful and spooky. The more you decorated with spooky and colorful brights it attracts so much attention.

In my experienced I visited the places during halloween month and I'm so grateful I had a chance to see those colorful spooky things they decorated.

Zoo- Zoo's is been decorated with pumpkin other spooky stuffs and during the night they have a separate exhibits were all the family and kids enjoyed the activities they prepared. They also included the trict-or- treat  trail.

Theme Parks-This is the best place to enjoy the halloween activities with your kids. Most theme parks are decorated with their own theme and styles that kids would love it. 

Botanical Garden-Check their events and you'll be surprise that they have some activities during that month and they have decorated a pumpkin and some spooky  all the over the garden. I was trying to visit one the Botanical during the halloween month. 

In my experience I love going to 3 places to visit during halloween month. How about you do you attend any activities on halloween month?

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