Tuesday, April 23, 2013

7 days onboard at Freedom of the Seas Cruise,Royal Caribbean International

We have had a chance to get out last month before were freezing our butt off in North. This vacation is extra special considering we were celebrating my Parents-in-law 50th anniversary.

We are all excited and finally onboard after the freezing month and  can't believe we were all wearing summer clothes.

Day 1:
After all the paperworks and long queue we saw ourselves in our room and enjoying the welcome food in Deck 11. As a part of cruise protocol they have a mandatory drill for safety in-case something happen and the drill will take place before the sailing.

After the drill they prepare a sail away party that was located at deck 11.

Day 2: CocoCay,Bahamas

We dock at the private island of Royal Caribbean International at CocoCay, Bahamas around 8:30, were all passengers are transferred by a private boat that has capacity about 100 passengers to the island.The place is beautiful that is own by Royal Caribbean International and only cruise passengers are there to enjoy the place aside the staffs and the employees.

We had dinner at the main dining table and enjoy the entertainment they prepared on that night for all of us. Though we did not stay all night considering we have a little one.

Day 3: Onboard at Freedom of the Seas
Our day is kinda slow considering my husband's vomit at night and both of us haven't slept well. After he went down to see the doctor and no findings except digestive intestinal.As the protocol of the ship he was quarantine for 24 hours even his not sick or vomit anymore. Our day sucks and its give a headache considering my parents-in-law is with us.

So I decided to stay with hubby at our room after my lunch and put our little one to sleep since we can't enjoy things as a family.

After all, we're still thankful he's not sick.

Day 4: St. Thomas
Freedom of the Seas cruise dock at St. Thomas at morning and we will leave the place around 4:30. The place is beautiful and inviting. We book for a tour to see both island with an open-air vehicle for 2 hours and have an option to drop in the town for more shopping.
We had  so much fun plus we see the  panoramic view of the Magen's Beach and know the history.After done some shopping we headed back to our ship and prepare for our night.

Day 5: St. Maarte
St. Maarte is an island that was divided into 2 independent countries. You'll find yourself either Dutch or French side. French side is more expensive compare to Dutch side. The cruise dock at St. Maarte so it is in the Dutch side.Getting around is easier and most people we talk can speak english so no worries at all.

Day 6: On board at Freedom of the Seas:
I find myself in Deck 4,Breakfast with the Character together with the family. My daughter was scary cat in Madagascar character so we have to held her so she will not cry. It was a good experience though.

After the breakfast we decided to drop off  the little one to Aquanauts program for kids age 3.It was perfect with sunny, blue water  and no humidity. People are enjoying in the pool while others are busy getting some tan.

Day 7:  Freedom Fest:
We're still onboard on Freedom of the seas, but the weather doesn't allow us to enjoy to Deck 11. The day was cold and we were wearing a light jacket. Even walking on deck 11 is freezing so I try not to walk there.

Our day went fast and found ourselves to Freedom fest and Dreamworks Move it! Move it! parade in the afternoon. Our dinner is late so we have time to watch the show was the Farewell Show Spectacular. Graham, the Cruise Director, sang a little bit.

After our dinner we went back to the room to pack up our luggage to place outside our room before midnight.

Day 8: Debarkation
On the last day we woke up so early and rang my parents-in-law's room. Hubby and I went to deck 11 for breakfast while my parents-in-law stayed in their room till 8:00 a.m. and went down to meet us on deck 5  were the waiting area.

The departure process is easy. They called the number and color of your luggage, once they call you're ready to go and get your luggage and went to custom process. 

Overall, we all had a great time and enjoyed our family vacation. 


  1. glad to know you had a great time Mhie, it is definitely one of the joyous times whenever we take vacation

  2. Lucky you sis as you have been on a cruise several times, I haven't yet.

  3. That's a great experience. I want to do cruising too, but I wonder how much would it cost me.

  4. This is the very same cruise ship and destination that my sister-in-law took last month. It was so wonderful just looking at the photos. I am envious! I haven't been to a cruise yet and I don't see myself going to one someday soon.

  5. Congratulations to your Parents - In - Law 50th Anniversary!! That is a wonderful cruise and treat you have, I bet you all have a good times there. Enjoy the cruise sis!

  6. wow, 8 days of fun and great exploration. i have yet to convince the husband and my girl to go for a cruise. mga takrot so dagat, hehe. happy 50th wedding anniversary to your parents in law. keep travelling, Mhie! i always enjoy your travel stories and photos.

  7. Those are such a great event and places. It’s indeed a special vacation to treasure for life.

  8. This is a deserving break especially when it's on the cruise and to visit the islands is rewarding! :D

  9. Bahamas! I've always wanud to set foot in tha beautiful place :) I've heard great stories about it! I'm happy you enjoyed the cruise trip.

  10. Oh, I would like to have a vacation cruise like this! Perfect for a full time mom like me!

  11. Dream cruise! I figured I need to work hard more and shed a lot of weight more, lol Bahamas for bikinis hahaha, such a pretty place :) Thanks for taking us along through your photos.

  12. That trip deserves a big WOW. You're so blessed to experience all that.

  13. wow!!! that would be a memorable cruise with the family, worth the wait i believe.

  14. My brod-in-law is a crew sa Royal Caribbean Freedom of the sea and he told me what a great cruise ship raw yan. Hope I can experience a cruise tour.

  15. It's been my all time dream to be in a cruise ship. Would be really awesome! :)

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful cruise experience! ♥

  16. Love the photos! It's always a great experience to cruise, lots of people to meet, stuff to see and photograph....and I'm not starting with the food yet....

  17. The most luxurious way to travel the sea is through a cruise ship! I'd love to experience this soon!

  18. I think you really had a great time on board and for sure, you photos shows.

  19. I would like to join a cruise like this in my lifetime.

  20. Now that is so much fun, I wish I can experience it the same way too

  21. I love sea and traveling. I go to the seaside every summer. I like to splashing in ways, geting tanned and watching sunsets.

  22. i think that it is a great opportunity to see the sea in all it's beauty and to travel.

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