Filipino who loves to travel.com is a collection of a  personal experiences of two sisters who happen  both of them at the end side of the world.

Despite the fact they don't see each other but they have in common "Loves to Travel". Having kid's at the same time doesn't stop the two sisters to travel and given  them an inspiration to show to their kid's what is outside the box so they're dragging their husband's  and kid's  to travel.

So thankful both family's loves to travel as well. The Journey begun when both sisters  went to  Thailand  and become an ESL Teacher and after 4 four years,Mhie's moves to US after she got married while Gine's moves for further study in Australia for Computer designer.

Though they both live in other countries both sister's are Filipino and raised in Philippines. were they finished their Bachelor's Degree.

Hope this Filipino who loves travel blog will inspires you to travel and go out in your comfort zone once in a while.