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10 Things to do in Cebu,Philippines

Things to do in Cebu,Philippines is versatile to all ages. As we know Cebu is one of the most beautiful tropical islands .The island is quite large and at a time when it was part of the Spanish Empire as a colony.Cebu City is popular for Sinulog Festival held every third sunday of January which is the top things to do in Cebu City. Other things to do in Cebu City  is to go shopping, historical landmarks, go swimming, zoo, parks, and museums or temple.
10 Things to do in Cebu City
1.Xtreme Rides- Crown Regency Cebu which is the tallest building in the city.The best time to go is at night, as before, during or after sunset, so you can enjoy the buffet dinner as well.They have different packages and a lifetime experience where that literally puts the edge of the city, or you can walk to the edge of the building.
2. Yap Sandiego Ancestral House-if you see this house makes you wonder how it survived the blows of time and nature. It surprised the old hardwood floors and bright, even without the help of wax, the old well that never runs dry, even in summer heat.
10 Things to do in CebuPhilippines 10 Things to do in Cebu,Philippines

3. Sinulog Festival-This is the busiest time of the year especially the third Sunday in January because of the Sinulog Festival. The local way to honor the baby Jesus. Main roads around the city are blocked for a street party all day and all night, loud and colorful.
4.  Mt Busay- The best thing to do is  by biking to go on the top of Mt. Busay to see the panoramic view of Cebu at night.
5. Kawasan Falls-There is a small charge to visit the falls and be aware of people offering their services as guides.It ‘easy to enter and do not need a tour guide.The Water  is icey cold.The falls are a good 2 hour drive away from Cebu.
6. Shopping-If you love shopping it’s time to wander the place. SM is one of the biggest shopping mall in Cebu city.
7.Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary-Private museum, art gallery and nature reserve managed by the Foundation Jumalon. It is located in Saint Macopa Basak, Pardo, Cebu City, Philippines.This place is hard to find, just be patient and if the taxi driver don’t know where it is, just stop and ask in the police station where they know this place.It is worth to see this butterfly garden.
8. Enjoying the ocean-The Olango Island and its satellite islets 6 are ideal for snorkeling and diving and observing migratory birds.
9. Sightseeing-There are a lot of sightseeing you would enjoy in Cebu, it depend only how would you love to do it.
10.Caves- the three main caves open for exploration of Cebu is Lantoy Cave, Cave Busay (a tunnel 600 feet) and Barili Cave.
If you would love to stay in Cebu, there are a lot of luxury place and it depends your budget.

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