Friday, March 7, 2014

Why you should stay in Sofitel Hotel,Macau at Ponte 16

When we went to Hong kong,husband and I decided to go in Macau by ferry boat and it takes at least an hour and ten minutes and stayed in Sofitel Hotel. We stayed in Macau for 5 days and enjoyed the top attractions that Macau  offered.

Having a little one has more challenges to travel, his schedule is our top priority. I'm just a happy camper to see Macau with my family.

~Why you should stay in Sofitel Hotel,Macau at Ponte 16~

When we stayed in Sofitel Hotel we got these:
  • Rewards  card Member- Sofitel hotel are  one of the hotels included in our rewards card member. 
  • Free Upgrades-Being part in rewards card member  it has  an opportunity to have free upgrades without paying additional fees.
  • Free Breakfast-Well, it is not really free considering you are paying the hotel, having said, breakfast is free and it all depends in your points and the type of the room you reserved.
Lounges access that is only exclusive for the reward member it is included breakfast , high tea and cocktail with food at night and whole day free drinks.

Location-The best location for most major attractions and easy access to in most restaurants, shopping area and you can walk.

Excellent View-We've been lucky and we got the view of the port overlooking the Macau.

Spacious Room-The room was spacious and our little one had more space to run around and play inside the room.



  1. I remember one of my professor in law school promised to treat a student who will get perfect score in the exam at Sofitel, Manila. But, unfortunately no one was picked to be there for free. By then, i cannot picture on my mind how Sofitel looks like, but i got a glimpse of how prestigious Sofitel is and how I wish I could try the place for free. :)

  2. You are absolutely right here, the best view to see the whole city and an overlooking nice place...I'll keep this in mind

  3. Wow! look at that view from your hotel Sis, it's beautiful :-) I have never been to Macau but will keep your tips in mind :-)

  4. What a beautiful view. You lucked out on that hotel!

  5. A sweeping view of the skyline from ones hotel room is very much sought after by guests. Awesome!

  6. what a beautiful view from the hotel's room Mhie, usually, those kind of rooms run out fast since they are often chosen by guests first.

  7. Awesome view! No wonder you enjoyed your stay at Sofitel. I wish I can go there too someday.

  8. Anything from and by Sofitel is elegant and great! No wonder you enjoyed your stay there.

  9. Great hotel, great views, great time. What more can you ask for?

  10. Ahhhhh the view! It's so beautiful :) It's a perfect place to stay after a long day of touring and shopping! Many reasons to book nga at Sofitel :D

  11. Nice place to stay:)
    I love to see places too!