Saturday, February 1, 2014

Travel Finds

I believed in traveling around the world is the best place where you could get and experience the best culture,history  and the added perks the ocean,the breathtaking scenic views, the food, hospitality,and  life in general that never seen and feel of most people who haven't out in 100 kilometers away from their comfort zone. Thanks to the social media, we all  seen  those places without going out in our comfort zone. The Challenge: looking the other people travel photos  or experiencing  the real culture and have your own photos? 

I've stayed in Thailand for four years, work and traveled at the same time. I enjoyed every bits of my freedom from my job.Whenever I can got  out from my toxic schedule,I rejuvenate by going new places with friends.

I am born and raised in Philippines and I ended up living in Western country where the cost of living is completely different from were I grew up. Living in the other side of the world wasn't my choice, it is destiny.  

I find traveling is not all about going  places, it is about experiencing and savor the memories of one place.I have to lookout the travel item to that makes my vacation  stylish and comfortable.

Buying souvenirs on  vacation is great finds that most travelers does and I can't go home without buying anything from one country/place. I  make sure I bought some goodies for home like snacks, clothes and anything girly stuffs.

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